Lace-Trimmed Lands through Bryce Canyon's amphitheater

Back in November 2021, my co-founder Ricardo and I traveled to Arizona and Utah to explore the canyons. After a few days in atrocious Vegas, a single-day-multi-adventure around Lake Powell, and a meditative sunset amongst the Toadstool Hoodoos, we stopped in Bryce Canyon National Park. The morning light and the pine trees made for a beautiful start.

We hiked the easy Navajo and Peekaboo loops and photographed the most incredible natural amphitheater I have seen to this day.

Bryce’s natural rock formations are bright orange hoodoos. Their distinctive shape is the result of a multi-step process where from a plateau, the rocks eventually break down into walls, windows, and then into individual hoodoos (read more here). The result is a forest of rocks looking like needles. Anecdotally, those natural sculptures reminded me of the Rouen Cathedral and its lace-trimmed facade.

Follow me for a walk in Bryce’s natural museum.


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