Into the Labyrinth narrow paths, immense adventure

You can drive around the canyons. You can also hike them, up and down. But for even more fun, you should kayak through them. Looking at the map, the area around Lake Powell seemed to have been designed for a video game, or for a perfect real-life adventure:

What’s the distance between each canyon you might ask yourself? Well, I’m not too sure, but you definitely can’t kayak all the way. So first, we rented out a boat from Antelope Point Marina.

We somehow managed to anchor it.

And into the Labyrinth Canyon we went.

(I’d like to say I’m behind Ricardo for the sake of the photos. But really I just hadn’t figured out the paddling technique.)

And the deeper we went, the narrower and the darker it became.

Welcome to new worlds!

Finding land was exciting, but hiking through quicksands a lot less! It was my first time experiencing walking (read “sinking”) through them.

Each step, a narrower path. And we started to wonder how far we could go.

We never saw the end of the Labyrinth Canyon. It took us back to our attempt at reaching Laguna Lejía in Atacama, a similarly endless adventure. To this day, I still wonder what’s at the end of them both.

We gave up the labyrinth and kayaked back, slowly returning to civilization.

Later that day, we would trade the winding and weaving for a moment of stillness at the Toadstool Hoodoos.

Emmanuel Nataf

I'm a founder at Reedsy ( and a street photographer in my spare time.


  • Absolutely beautiful! Your compositions are very balanced with great movement. What did you use to edit these photos? (Still a novice myself)

    • Hello Renee! I edit all my photos in Photoshop 🙂

  • Absolutely fabulous! Please take occasional near-macro of interesting smaller things like a plant hanging on to life or rock detail where there is some pattern eg breccia.

    • Fully agreed! Sometimes wide angle lenses make you forget to look at each individual element. I’ll work on that!

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