Dreamy Feeling Tuscany in the fall

Every year for the past 5 years I told to myself: “I should go take landscape photos in Tuscany in the fall.” October 2019 is when it finally happened.

My days would start about 6am for sunrise and end early around 6pm for sunset. A lot of golden and blue hours (that’s what photographers live for, right?)

I stayed in 4 different places in just 7 days as I really wanted to explore it all. Here’s a map of my travels:

As you can see, I pinpointed a lot of areas — should give you some ideas if you’re planning a similar trip! In the zenith hours (a term coined by my friend Ricardo Fayet), aka the hours photographers don’t like, I would visit the small little Tuscan towns famous for their wine: Monticchiello, Montalcino, Montepulciano, San Gimignano, Monte Fioralle, and the majestic Pienza.

I’m pretty happy with my week. I came back with dreamy landscapes and I’ve already printed a few (message me if you’re interested to get one!)

We’re starting with photos from the areas North of Siena, going to San Gimignano first.

Then going down and following the road between Siena and Asciano.

The photo that comes next is to me the most incredible from the trip — I was not sure what I was doing there, standing with my tripod with no one around miles away. I didn’t know what kind of results I’d get but now lesson learned: never miss a full moon photo opportunity!

I spent the next couple of days on the road between Montepulciano and Pienza.

Blue hour, you said?

Back on the road between San Quirico d’Orcia and Pienza the next morning, I finally got some Tuscan mist. And it was beautiful.

The smell of olive trees and another view of the Belvedere…

Life goal you asked? An alley of cypress trees leading to a Tuscan house 🙂

I was now driving towards my next stop, Podere Montale, a winery South of Montalcino. The roads and the landscapes were again incredible. One last opportunity to see the Belvedere and the Cappella Madonna di Vitaleta.

Here’s where I stayed — Podere Montale

The roads of Monte Amiata, a volcano 1732m high.

And going back down… Yeah, some kids go to school every day on this bus:

Green hour?

A last photo from my stop in Certaldo. Spot the 🐶

Ah and here’s what I had for lunch there…

Nah, I lied. We couldn’t end like this. Here’s one last dreamy landscape.

Hope you enjoyed this series. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to do a similar trip — a lot of (annoying) photographers are pretty protective of their spots as they run workshops, which sucks. The map I shared at the beginning of the post should be a good start.

Until next time! Ciao!

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