Fuerteventura colors of a windswept island

Remember my trip to Lanzarote last year? It was one of the most beautiful places I’d seen — the distinct light, incredible contrasts, and out-of-this-world landscapes made me want to explore the Canary Islands a little more.

I’d been told about Fuerteventura and its wild beaches, but I wasn’t initially that interested: I can hardly swim (yes, you know everything now), and you won’t keep me lying down on the sand for more than an hour. But the beaches of Fuerteventura aren’t about that, at all. They’re gorgeous untouched places, for people who respect nature and enjoy its peacefulness.

(I actually hate that sentence, but it kind of looked cool there)

The beautiful inland roads of the South

Pretty much all interesting places in the Southern and hilly part of Fuerteventura require that you drive inland. The dark reddish rocks make for a scenic ride.

The yellow sand and dark volcanic cones of Cofete

The road to Cofete is a little bit bumpy but the reward is simply the most beautiful beach of Fuerteventura. The volcanic cones in the background make for a unique landscape.

The road to Cofete
Am I the only one who thinks of Copacabana here?

A kid, and the black sand beach of Ajuy

The rest of the town is a little less interesting, though Casa Pepín is an excellent place to eat some fresh fish, Ajuy being a fishing village.

Playa del Castillo

The only beach with sun-loungers I saw. But don’t worry, I didn’t use any of them.

Heading North

If you’re traveling with me, you should expect the weather to go nuts at some point. This year again, we had a few stormy days, which ironically made for some great photos. Here’s some photos heading North to La Oliva.

Palms trees not having a great time

The surrounding areas of Lajares

On our way to El Cotillo and the other more remote beaches of the North of the island, we explored the sand dunes around Lajares.

If you’re hungry, do stop at La Boqueria, the food is delicious there. Also, make sure to nail your haircut before you go, Lajares is a town that seems to have been designed for surfers only.

El Cotillo

A different style to Cofete but another beautiful beach facing West. El Cotillo has that laid-back vibe that comes from being a popular surfing destination.

Playa del Aguila

Driving further South on some bumpy road, you get to Playa del Aguila, a beautiful sheltered cove. A steep staircase will take you down to the beach (without the stairs is a bit adventurous).

Las Dunas de Corralejo

On the other side of the island, still in the North, you’ll find Corralejo, the most touristic part of Fuerteventura. Here’s a few photos from the sand dunes in the desertic national park along the coast.

Trust my mum, it was windy

Grandes Playas de Corralejo

On the other side of the sand dunes, the beaches.

And that’s it! Until next time! 👋



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