Victoria Park a few peaceful moments

Les feuilles
Qu’on foule
Un train
Qui roule
La vie

Guillaume Apollinaire. Alcools, Automne malade (1913)

For years I described myself as a street photographer. Meeting people on the street, listening to their story and taking their portrait was my thing. During my walks, I got to meet lots of great people, and some eventually became friends.

With the pandemic, I switched to an even more introverted style, capturing isolated scenes. This post is about moments in Victoria Park, my local park in East London. I initially planned to only include shots from 2020 but thought a few from 2016 and 2017 deserved to be here. As you’ll see, the park is beautiful in all seasons, but a little more special in autumn.

So now, open this page on your computer, make a cup of tea, relax, and slowly scroll down. You’re in for a peaceful moment.

Who thinks of a tree as a friend? This one has become one of my favorite subjects to photograph in the park. It’s like someone put it there for me to enjoy some late afternoon light.

I didn’t say anything about the poem at the beginning of this post. I learned it as a kid and it stuck with me. I tried to find a translation but they all sucked. Hopefully those verses are simple enough for you to understand them without too much effort.

Happy autumn!


Emmanuel Nataf

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