Viñales exploring Pinar del Río

The next stop in my Cuban trip was Viñales, about two and half hours away from La Havana.

Viñales is a town in western Cuba, in the region of Pinar del Río. This place felt like it was built just for a movie. You get guajiros smoking cigars on their rocking chair while the front doors of their house are left wide open, incredibly colorful streets and colonial-era wooden houses, and beautiful fincas (farms) where you get to eat amazing avocados, papayas and mangos.

The streets of Viñales


Farmers and fincas

Trying local produce, enjoying a cigar

Kids ready to play baseball


 Exploring the Valley

If you’re into hiking, Viñales is also the opportunity to go for a day trip in the valley.


Hope you enjoyed this series! Next stop is Cienfuegos, my favorite Cuban city! See ya!

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