Calles de Trinidad color overload

The next and last stop of my Cuban adventure was Trinidad, just over an hour away from Cienfuegos.

Trinidad was one of the first Cuban towns founded by the Spanish. It was one of the most prosperous cities in Cuba due to enormous sugar production in the nearby Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugar Mills). African slaves were “imported” to quickly grow the town. Much of its colonial architecture remains.

I spent about 3 days in Trinidad, which was more than enough to discover the city. I also biked to Playa Ancon and relaxed for an afternoon there.

Ok, I know you came for the colors, so here we go.

Those colorful streets

There’s colors in Cuba everywhere but Trinidad takes it to the next level.




Dramatic scenes after the rain

I went during the rain season, which means that rain I saw. On the streets of Trinidad, it made the town look dramatic.

Music on the streets

If you’re into salsa, there’s an outside show every night Casa de la Música. That’s where you can just watch, show off your skills or humiliate yourself (guess into what category I fall).

Faces from Trinidad



Kids and happiness

School was just starting and the streets where filled with kids smiling and running around.


That’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed following me around in Cuba. If you’d like to go back, here’s my previous posts:

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